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Hello Code project members. I'm new to C++ and I want to make a software that does these steps:

1- Makes Downloads Directory.
2- Downloads text file that has name of files.
3- Moves the text file to the "Downloads" folder.
4- Reads the files names from the text file then downloads them.

My code:
*I've been searching for codes to make new folders and moving files ..etc, and I came across of system commands that can be used.
#include <tchar.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <urlmon.h>
#include <string>
#include "stdlib.h"
using namespace std;
#pragma comment(lib, "urlmon.lib")

int main()
	string Dlfold;
	cout << "Welcome to Latest Files downloader, this software will let you download the lastest Files added\nFirst I'll make download folder for you\n";
	std::string s1 = "mkdir \Downloads\ ";
	cout << "\nDownloads folder created, now let me check the latest releases...\n";
	HRESULT hr = URLDownloadToFile(NULL, _T(""), _T("Latest.txt"), 0, NULL);
	std::string s2 = "move latest.txt \Downloads";
	return 0;

The Code above does the two first steps, the file "Latest.txt" will have information like img1.png or video.mp4 which represents the name of files inside the directory.

I want the program to replace the names of files here:
ULL, _T("")

*instead of "" I want it automatically to change to "" and "" just like the name of files that written in the text file.

your help will be appreciated!!
*I'm using windows by the way.
Andreas Gieriet 10-Oct-14 8:51am    
Why re-inventing the wheel? Why not using wget?

1 solution

At first you should learn the basics in string operations. You can append, delete and replace in strings.

And then read and download the fine article about FileDownload.
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