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Hi experts
I'm new in MVC I want to do my postback in background but It posts all the page. (An unwanted showing page progress bar)

@using (Ajax.BeginForm("Index", "ContactUs", new AjaxOptions { HttpMethod = "POST" }, new { id = "contactUsForm" }))
   @Html.TextBoxFor(@m => m.Name, new { id = "name"})
   <input type="submit" value="Send"  />

When I click on submit It posts all the page and also the browser's progress bar appears undesirably!
I want to post in background.
What else may I do to achieve my goal?

Updated 14-Oct-14 7:44am
Ranjeet Patel 15-Oct-14 7:28am
See if you write [HtppPost] on the top of the action method

1 solution

If you want to have the progress to be shown on the Browser's page, then you can use ajax call and leave the Action and controller blank.
$("#SUBMIT BUTTON ID").click(function(){
$("#YOUR PROGRESS DIV ID").show();
url:"Ur URL",
success: fuction(){
$("#YOUR PROGRESS DIV ID").hide();

An ajax call is by default asynchronous. So this might solve your work.
Please post back you queries in comments if any.
mariazingzing 14-Oct-14 12:42pm
Thanks, but I think You have a misunderstanding about my problem, sorry!
My problem is: It does show progressbar in my browser, I want to prevent to show it.
I used "Ajax.BeginForm" but it doesn't work on background at all :(
[no name] 14-Oct-14 12:58pm
If ajax is used the Submit should work out on the background only. Where is actually the progress bar!! Have you placed that!!
mariazingzing 14-Oct-14 14:12pm
No, the progressbar is for the browser. IE or FireFox. I mean the progressbar that is placed in IE statusbar.
It updates _layout and all the page but I want to update only the AjaxForm. Not more.
[no name] 14-Oct-14 14:22pm
ok does this post methos return a view??please check that!!
mariazingzing 14-Oct-14 15:09pm
yes, AjaxView but If it posts "view" it also won't work
[no name] 14-Oct-14 23:02pm
Ok the action method of submit, allow it to perform the action but return nothing. Return null and check once.

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