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Hello Good Noon..!!

here i write code but i get an Error says "No Overload method 'Thumbimages'takes 5 arguments"

anybody help me what can i do for it

if (!(flag == "pdf"))
            GeneralMethods.Thmbimages(pathname, actFolder, imgName, ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ACTUAL_IMAGE_WIDTH"], ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ACTUAL_IMAGE_HEIGHT"]);
            GeneralMethods.Thmbimages(pathname, midthumbFolder, imgName, ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["GALLERY_MID_THUMBWIDTH"], ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["GALLERY_MID_THUMBHEIGHT"]);
            GeneralMethods.Thmbimages(pathname, thumbFolder, imgName, ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["GALLERY_THUMBWIDTH"], ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["GALLERY_THUMBHEIGHT"]);

Thank you
Updated 11-Nov-16 5:50am
Johnny J. 21-May-10 6:41am    
There is no such thing as "good noon". It is "good morning" until 12 noon. After that it is "good day". But I haven't edited your post because I thought it was kind of endearing.
kulklamri 11-Feb-11 9:50am    


This method is created by you or what?

Check what type and number of arguments you method is required.

for Example, I have one method-

public TestMethod(string s1,int i1)
//My code....

Now to call this method i have to pass two arguments in the same order.

TestMethod("String 1",1);

Is this clear for you???


Nilesh Shah
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I have no idea what GeneralMethods and ThmbImages is, but I assume it's a method you or somebody else in your company have created.

Then it seems like someone has changed the definition(s) for the method so that the number of parameters wanted has changed.

If you start writing "GeneralMethods.Thmbimages(" then your intellisense should tell you what parameters you should supply and whether or not there are one or more overloads accepting a different number of parameters.

Hope this helps...
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narendrarathod 21-May-10 6:49am    
yes i created on GeneralMethod class and in it i use one Thmimges methods for uploading image, save it in folder wise just as acutal image mid thumimage etc.
Johnny J. 21-May-10 6:53am    
Have you tried the intellisense method?
narendrarathod 21-May-10 6:55am    
yes i tried it but yet i got error
Johnny J. 21-May-10 6:57am    
Can you please post the declaration for the Thmbimages method? You don't have to post the whole method, just the declaration where we can see the parameters/arguments
narendrarathod 21-May-10 7:30am    
thank you for giving me your time now i solve it by getting help from you

actually i passed on extra parameter that why that error..!!
What is it you are trying to achieve?

Just so we can see what the aim is.

(BTW it is ugly looking code)
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