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ok I have a c# windows forms program that I am making in Visual Studio 2013
I had a text box set to databinding text property to a table in my sql database
using a dataset
so my data was auto saved from text box to the database and read back to textbox
I needed to change my textbox to a richtextbox so that I could bold, change color etc.. the font.
I do not see how to bind and read back the rtf property using databinding
I tried this

notesRichTextBox.DataBindings.Add(new Binding("Rtf", MyProgramDataSet.RTFTable, "RTF"));
but it only put some rtf data in the colomn and displayed nothing back in the richtextbox when I reopened the form
I tried setting the notesRichTextBox.Text = notesRichTextBox.Rtf and it just showed all of the underlying rtf code/text

Please help
I also tried at the beginning to set the databinding using the VisualStudio interface but Rtf doesn't seem to be an option

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I think this is directly related to what you want to do: "A RichTextBox that can Bind to the RTF Property" [^].

Also, see: [^].
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DonaldTar 16-Oct-14 15:48pm    
While these solutions help me learn they are still not quite the same as what I am dealing with can I upload my code for someone to better help

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