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I am extracting a substring like this string xValue = final[6][1].Substring(0, 6);

when the value is 0.9789 it is not showing any error but if the value is some integer like 14 it is giving Index and length must refer to a location within the string exception.But how can i handle both the situations?

string[][] final = ListofSpectraImagesForAllLocation.ElementAt(index).Value;
Updated 17-Oct-14 4:45am
BillWoodruff 17-Oct-14 9:11am
To help you with this, we need to know more about the contents of the Array Item: what's in final[6][1] ? is there a way you can reliably recognize the location of the end of the data you want to read from that Item ?
ZurdoDev 17-Oct-14 9:33am
My guess is there is a much better way to do this. What is it you are actually trying to accomplish?
chandra sekhar 17-Oct-14 9:44am
In final i am getting list of strings and at the position 6,1 i am extracting the substring.For all the things i am getting some float value but for some instances i am getting integer value how can i handle when i get an integer.
ZurdoDev 17-Oct-14 9:51am
See my answer.
chandra sekhar 20-Oct-14 1:12am
Where you want me to include .ToString(#.000000)??

You can call .ToString("#.000000") to make sure it always has at least the number of decimal places you need.

However, I still suggest that parsing decimals is probably not a good idea and it would help to know what you are actually trying to do. Seems like there should be a better way.
BillWoodruff 17-Oct-14 9:54am
I think until we know what the possible formats of the entry at [6][1] is we're just making blind guesses.
ZurdoDev 17-Oct-14 9:57am
It is. I've asked OP twice now what exactly is going on the closest to an answer is that sometimes it's a float and other times it's an int. This should work for OP but I agree, sure seems like something else would be better.
your var is int change it to string
xValue = final[6][1].ToString().Substring(0, 6);

control error
int final;
          int  len = final.ToString().Length;
            if (len < 6)
                xValue = final[6][1].ToString().Substring(0, len);
                xValue = final[6][1].ToString().Substring(0, 6);
ZurdoDev 17-Oct-14 9:32am
That doesn't help fix the OPs problem.
majid torfi 17-Oct-14 9:38am
past your program in commend for understand better problem

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