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select A.int_ApplicantId,A.vch_UniqueRefNo,A.vch_ApplicantName,case int_Gender
 when 1 then 'Male' when 2 then 'Female'  end as Gender,vch_CorHouseNo,
(select vch_DistrictName from M_District where int_DistrictID=A.int_CorDistID
 and int_StateID=A.int_CorStateID)District,vch_CorPinCode,dtm_DOB, (case int_CategoryId
 when 1 then 'UR' when 2 then    'SC' when 3 then 'ST' when 4 then 'SEBC' end)Category,
  (case isnull(bit_PHOH,0) when 1 then 'Yes' else 'No' end ) PWD,(case isnull(bit_SportsPerson,0)
   when 1 then  'Yes' else 'No' end ) SportsPerson,(case isnull(bit_ESM,0)  when 1
   then 'Yes'    else 'No' end ) ESM, (case isnull(bit_Odia,0) when 1 then 'Yes' else 'No' end ) Odia,
    (select vch_DDNO from T_Finance_Details F where isnull(F.bit_DeletedFlag,0)=0 and
     ,  case vch_Remarks when null then
    (select vch_Remarks from T_CAF_Receive C where C.vch_UniqueRefNo=A.vch_UniqueRefNo
     and ISNULL(c.bit_DeletedFlag,0)=0)else coalesce=((select  vch_remarks From M_Remark_Detail where
     int_Remark_id in(Select val from UDF_Split(Select vch_Remarks from T_Caf_Receive C
     where C.vch_UniqueRefNo=A.vch_UniqueRefNo and ISNULL(C.bit_DeletedFlag,0)=0))) end )
    As vch_Remarks
     ,(case isnull(A.bit_ReceiveStatus,0) when 1 then  '1' else '0' end ) ReceiveStatus
     from T_ApplicantDetails_Temp A  where isnull(A.bit_DeletedFlag,0)=0 and ISNULL(A.bit_ReceiveStatus,0)=1 and
     ISNULL(A.bit_Rejected,0)=1 and isnull(A.bit_DuplicateStatus,0)=0 and A.vch_AdvertisementNo='2395'
     and A.vch_Post_Code='35' order by A.vch_UniqueRefNo

I am getting following errors
Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 13
Incorrect syntax near '='.
Msg 156, Level 15, State 1, Line 14
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'Select'.
Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 15
Incorrect syntax near ')'.

1 solution

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Solution 1

Problem is at the below part of the script. You are adding one equal to after coalesce and I see some extra parenthesis as well. I am sure you can drive from here.

ELSE coalesce = (
					SELECT vch_remarks
					FROM M_Remark_Detail
					WHERE int_Remark_id IN (
							SELECT val
							FROM UDF_Split(SELECT vch_Remarks FROM T_Caf_Receive C WHERE C.vch_UniqueRefNo = A.vch_UniqueRefNo
									AND ISNULL(C.bit_DeletedFlag, 0) = 0)
					) END
				) AS vch_Remarks
				CASE isnull(A.bit_ReceiveStatus, 0)
					WHEN 1
						THEN '1'
					ELSE '0'
				) ReceiveStatus FROM T_ApplicantDetails_Temp A WHERE isnull(A.bit_DeletedFlag, 0) = 0
			AND ISNULL(A.bit_ReceiveStatus, 0) = 1
			AND ISNULL(A.bit_Rejected, 0) = 1
			AND isnull(A.bit_DuplicateStatus, 0) = 0
			AND A.vch_AdvertisementNo = '2395'
			AND A.vch_Post_Code = '35' ORDER BY A.vch_UniqueRefNo

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