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Im trying to learn angular. I am currently in the stage of learning about $http requests to my MVC API.

EDIT: Slowly discovering the problem, it has something to do with the the pushing of the data from form into the array. the error message I am getting back is "TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON"

I have a simple and I mean simple HTML form that allows me to collect 2 pieces of information and collect it into an Angularjs array and then pass it to the WEB API method.

But my main problem is that If I spell the parameter incorrectly if calls the method and the value of the input parameter is blank. If I spell the parameter correctly it doesn't call the method at all. any pointer to help me learn what is going on?


<div ng-app="Demo">
  <div ng-controller="MyController">
    <input type="text" id="username" name="username" placeholder="name..." ng-model=""/>
    <input type="text" id="otherdetails" name="otherdetails" placeholder="name..." ng-model=""/>

    <button type="button" ng-click="Add(user)">Save</button>
    <button type="button" ng-click="SaveUsers()">Save To Web API</button>

My Angular code is as follows

angular.module('Demo', []);
angular.modeul('Demo').controller('ButtonCtrl', function($scope, $http) {
  $scope.user = [];

  $scope.Add = function(user) {

  $scope.SaveUsers = function() {
    var request = $http({
      method: "post",
      url: '/Home/Index',
      data: {user: $scope.user }

    request.success(function() {

    request.error(function() {

My C# code
    public ActionResult Index(List<Person> user)
        List<Models.Person> data = new List<Models.Person>();

        return null;

    public class Person
      public string Name {get;set;}
      public string Here {get;set;}
Updated 21-Oct-14 0:43am

1 solution

Solved it. Well at least I can get it to pass the information to the controller just not sure if it is the angular way of doing such a thing.

$scope.user = [];

//had to manually define the new entry onto the
//the user array
$scope.Add = function (user) {
        Here: user.other
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