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want be able to find control from SelectIndexChanged in listview..
TexBox comment= (TextBox)item.FindControl("TextBoxL");// this code in not working in SelectIndexChanged

TextBox btnModify = (TextBox)FindControl("TextBoxL");// i tried this one also but this is also not working...

protected void ListView1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
   TextBox btnModify = (TextBox)FindControl("TextBoxL");
   SqlConnection c = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["ApplicationServices"].ConnectionString);

   int myindex = ListView1.SelectedIndex;
   string myId = ListView1.DataKeys[myindex][0].ToString();
   //testing the value returned correctly
   SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("insert into rply(task_id,comment,rply_name,rpl_date)values('" +  myId + "','" + btnModify.Text + "','" + s2 + "','" + DateTime.Now.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss") + "')", c);

Updated 22-Oct-14 1:31am
ZurdoDev 21-Oct-14 8:01am
FindControl is not recursive so if you have a table structure or panel or some other control you may have to do item.Controls[0].FindControl. You'll have to examine your output to see where that control really is.
Aarti Yadav 21-Oct-14 9:05am
i tried this but item.Controls[0].FindControl. but null value is saving in databse
ZurdoDev 21-Oct-14 9:08am
Then perhaps it is Controls[1]. The point is you have to figure it out. We can't see what you have.
Richard Deeming 21-Oct-14 8:32am
Your code is vulnerable to SQL Injection[^].

NEVER use string concatenation to build a SQL query. ALWAYS use a parameterized query.
ashish__shukla 21-Oct-14 9:03am
I had got your point.I had updated the article as well but it was closed before the changes could be approved :-).

Which is the control in which your textbox is inside.Findcontrol searches the control tree inside a parent can use it by specifying the parent control name as:

Aarti Yadav 21-Oct-14 7:47am
TextBox is inside a listview..
and i am saveing a data into a database from SelectedIndexChanged

so in SelectedIndexChanged TextBox 's value in not saving in database.. or its not finding a textbox

and the code which u gave that is also not working..
Aarti Yadav 21-Oct-14 9:04am
there is any1 who can help me to get out of this
Hi,below is the pseudo code you can try.You may need to modify it a bit depending on the control id's.

public void GetControl(Control control)
        //parent could be listview use its id
        foreach (Control ctrl in parent.Controls)

            if (ctrl.GetType() == typeof(TextBox))
              //control  found  ... return here

use casting or making an object of the textbox on the selectedindexchanged event and then u can directly use the value of that textbox as txtboxname.text

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