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Hi everyone,

I can store pictures in the file system and store the images names in the database, like this: Image1.JPG. But now I want to display the pictures after uploading.

I have this for view:

    <div id="tabs-3">

       @using (Html.BeginForm("UploadMorePhotos", "Account", FormMethod.Post, new { enctype = "multipart/form-data" }))

        <div class="form-field">
            <p>Select pictures:</p>
            <div class="upload-container">
                <div class="upload">
                    <input type="file" name="files" value="" multiple="multiple" id="file1" />

                    <img src="@Url.Content("~/images/deleteButton.png")" alt="Remove picture." />

        <div class="form-field">
            <input type="submit" value="Upload" />

<br />

  foreach (var item in Model.LolaBikePhotos )

       @*@Html.DisplayFor(modelItem => item.ImagePath)*@
       Html.Image("~/App_Data/uploads", item.ImagePath, new { width = 200, height = 150 });

    <img width="200" height="150" src="@Url.Action("UploadMorePhotos", "Account", new { UserProfileID = Model.Id })">



The Jquery:
<pre lang="Javascript">
  var currentImage = 1;
            $("body").on("change", "input[name='files']", function () {
                var pathToRemoveIcon = "@Url.Content("~/Images/deleteButton.png")";
                currentImage = currentImage + 1;
                var htmlToAppend = '<div class="upload"><input type="file" name="files" id="file' + currentImage + '" /><img src="' + pathToRemoveIcon + '" alt="Remove picture." /></div>';
            }).on("click", ".upload img", function () {
                if ($(this).parent().siblings().length > 0) {

and the action method:

public ActionResult UploadMorePhotos(UserProfile user, IEnumerable<HttpPostedFileBase> files)
    foreach (var file in files)
        if (file.ContentLength > 0)
            var fileName = Path.GetFileName(file.FileName);
            var path = Path.Combine(Server.MapPath("~/Images/profile" + @"\" + fileName.Replace('+', '_')));

            if (ModelState.IsValid)
                string username = User.Identity.Name;
                // Get the userprofile
                user = db.userProfiles.FirstOrDefault(u => u.UserName.Equals(username));

                // Update fields
                user.Image = new byte[file.ContentLength];
                file.InputStream.Read(user.Image, 0, file.ContentLength);
                user.ImageMimeType = file.ContentType;

                db.Entry(user).State = EntityState.Modified;

                if (user != null)
                    var lolaphoto = new LolaBikePhoto
                        UserProfileID = user.Id

                    lolaphoto.ImagePath = fileName;




    return Redirect(Url.Action("Edit", "Account") + "#tabs-3");

So everything goes allright, the images are stored as imagespath in the tabel: LolabikePhoto and the Images are saved in the folder: Images/Profile. But ofcourse the images have to be shown. I try it like this:
foreach (var item in Model.LolaBikePhotos )

But the images are broken.

Thank you

ahh, I found the solution, it has to be like this:

<img src="~/Images/profile/@item.ImagePath" alt="" height=150 width=200 />
Updated 24-Oct-14 2:54am
Sinisa Hajnal 24-Oct-14 7:18am    
What do you mean they are broken?

1 solution

The problem is the location of where you are uploading the files to - App_Data folder. This is a designated folder and not usually accessible over the browser. Its for data and configurations and designed to be restrictive.

You need to save the files into another folder: http://mysite/_uploads/images/file.jpg

That will solve your problem
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