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i am generating the barcode using jquery

$('td.barcode_needed').append('<div class="bcTarget">');
$('.bcTarget').each(function() {
var $this = $(this);

the below code where the barcode info enclosed in html code

 $tr=$i % 2;
 //echo "tr value :".$tr;
      <?php } ?>
  <td width="50%" class="content">
        <td width="10%">Material</td>
         <td width="40%" colspan="2" class="barcode_needed"><span><?php echo $material;?></span></td>
        <td width="5%" class="barcode_needed"><span><?php echo "L".$batch;?></span></td><td  width="35%" valign="top" align="left">Tool<br /><label style="font-size:25px;"> <?php echo $tool; ?></label></td>
        <td colspan="2" class="barcode_needed"><span><?php echo "Q".$spq;?></span></td>
    </table>        </td>
         if($tr !=0)
} ?>

now barcode is generating properly ,in ie8 all the barcode's are able to scan by barcode scanner but in ie9 some of the barcode's are not getting scan.

any idea? Thanks in advance.

For more info:

Cust Batch alone not getting scan when $tr==0,the Cust Batch which generated when $tr != 0 is getting scan.
George Jonsson 27-Oct-14 5:17am    
I suppose you need to graphically compare a barcode generated in IE8 that can be scanned, with the same barcode generated in IE9 and look for differences.
Are the bars equally wide?
Are the silent areas of both sides of the barcode of the same size?
Archana Palani 27-Oct-14 5:40am    
i can see the different in barcode which is generated in ie9.i dont know how its happening,the above code is for generating this will get diff op in diff browswer?????

what exactly i need to do to get the same output in every browser????
OriginalGriff 27-Oct-14 5:46am    
If you can see a difference, what is it?
Archana Palani 27-Oct-14 5:57am    
i can see the different in barcode lines.there are more than one barcode with the same value L2914432506 ,which differs each other.
George Jonsson 27-Oct-14 6:29am    
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