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I want to open PDF file in
Path something like : http://localhost:1504/ABC/123.pdf

I want to Block Mouse and Keyborad on this PDF File.

how can I do ?.

Please Help me..
Nathan Minier 27-Oct-14 7:40am
How are you presenting the file (iframe, new window, etc)? What have you tried so far?

1 solution

There is no "mouse movement and keyboard" in a PDF file. PDF file is a document. :-)

More seriously, there is no such thing as "open PDF file in ASP.NET". PDF files can be opened in browser, but this is not standardized. PDF is not a part of W3 standards. So, it all depends on browser, usually implemented in some plug-ins and this feature is never guaranteed. That's right, you should never assume that PDF can be opened in a browser. It's quite possible to face a system without any PDF viewer at all. The only guaranteed possibility is to save a document in a file, which is not a problem at all, because anyone can save it and view later.

But the most important things is: if it was really possible to do what you want, it would became a huge abuse and unacceptable limitation of most basic customer's rights. It's only good that you don't have such possibility. Of course, you could create your own browser plug-in with such "feature", but who would like to use it? It would be the same as addressing to some people under arrest with advertizement of handcuffs. :-)

[no name] 27-Oct-14 9:28am
Nice one Sir. :)
Thank you, Suraj.

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