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I'm started developement in xamarin cross platform development in visual studio. I want to know, how to retrieve the JSON message from url to show the details in table view. Here i give a sample url, how to retrieve all the city name in the json data and show in table.
here the link for json message. help me!
Dominic Burford 28-Oct-14 9:57am    
Which bit are you stuck on? Parsing the JSON, populating the table view, all of it?

To parse the JSON, firstly look at the DataContractJsonSerializer class.
Satheesh Santhosh 28-Oct-14 10:29am    
@Dominic i'm stuck in all of it. can u please help me, how to get json message from url in xamarin cross platfrom development.
Dominic Burford 28-Oct-14 11:20am    
As with trying to solve any problem, break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces, each of which can be solved.

1. Read the JSON data from the URL into a local variable
2. Create your UI with your grid
3. Use the JSON data to populate the grid

To parse the JSON look at the DataContractJsonSerializer class.

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