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Using Visual Studio 2010 .net 4 and WPF

I have collection of names of paragraphs named as FavoriteBookmarksCollection drawn from a flowdocument named as BeforeSortDocument .

For each item in FavoriteBookmarkCollection, the item will be modified to represent a paragraph name of "S" language to get the paragraph from the flowdocument and also the same item will be again modified to represent English Language which is a translation of the other language.

First selection of paragraph is "S" language and followed by "E" language. I have to select both the paragraphs from BeforeSortDocument into another document using linq query.

My not working query in is:
dim RequiredParaCollection = (From para in ParasOfBeforeSortDocument
where (Regex.IsMatch(,"B\d{4}S\d{2}") Or regex.ismatch(,"B\d{4}E\d{2}")
Select ctype(LogicalTreeHelper.FindLogicalNode(BeforeSortDocument,

ParasOfBeforeSortDocument is a readonlyCollection(of Paragraph) and is OK.
BeforeSortDocument is flowdocument and is without any error.

I request help from YOU to write two conditions in 'Where' one follows another and get the paragraphs of the document in that order.

Updated 28-Oct-14 17:46pm

I'd suggest to download: LINQ - Sample Queries[^]. There you'll find 101 examples ;)

Please, have a look here: Linq: Where clause (VB)[^] and here: How to: Combine LINQ Queries with Regular Expressions[^]. I think, you do combine where and regex in wrong way.

Using Linq with Regular Expression results[^]

Good luck!
The link using regex queries is good. In my case, it has become more complex. So I solved this using non regex queries.
My solution using linq in single line
dim paraList =(from x in bookmarks select x
Let sanskritParaName = skeletonId + Format(value, "00")
from para in paras where para isnot nothing andalso ( or"S","E")) andalso not bookmarkCollection.contains(x)
Let englishtext = sanskritParaName.Substring(1, 4) + If(value < 10, "0", "")
Let f = ModifiedParagraphUtility(para, englishtext)
Select f).ToList
This has worked perfectly. I tested it using variations. Finally I added paraList to document blocks.

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