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Hello Developers,

I have a cookie named Students in my code,
that stores multiple name of students.


HttpCookie mycookie = new HttpCookie("Students");
mycookie.Values.Add("RollNo", obj.RollNo);
mycookie.Values.Add("StudName", obj.StudName);

Now, with this code I can successfully store my values,
retrive them and display them.

Output of this:

mycookie["RollNo"].ToString() = "10,12,14,15"
mycookie["StudName"].ToString() = "abc,def,lmn,xyz"

But now I want to delete the value from this values.

eg. I want to delete Roll number 12 from this string values then related value def should be deleted.

Please tell me is there any way to do this?
Or I should follow the string class to achieve my requirement.

How can I achieve this?

Please help me guys.


I think it will work.But not sure.

if (Request.Cookies[Students ] != null)
    string userSettings;
    if (Request.Cookies[Students][RollNo]!= null)
 Request.Cookies.Delete[Students][RollNo]; }
Member 10359492 30-Oct-14 5:13am
Thanks for posting, but it'll not work my friend,
It'll give the same result as mycookie["RollNo"].ToString() (Shown in question)
So I cant remove that. I want to delete a particular value not whole set of values.
After searching a lot on web I found the solution
for (int i = 0; i < mycookie["RollNo"].ToString().Split(',').ToArray().Length; i++)
    if (RollNo == mycookie["RollNo"].ToString().Split(',').ToArray()[i])
        mycookie["RollNo"] = String.Join(",", mycookie["RollNo"].ToString().Split(',').ToArray().Where(val => val != RollNo));
        mycookie["StudName"] = String.Join(",", mycookie["StudName"].ToString().Split(',').ToArray().Select((s, index) => new { s, index }).Where(x => x.index != i).Select(x => x.s));

Thanks to coaders...

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