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Hello ,

It's is possible to save listView Items in xml file ?

(each colomun represent node )
Then how we can save node attributes also

for exp :
<Class  id="1",  name="Computer Science">
  <Subject  id="1" , title ="Java">
   <chapter  id="1" />
  <Subject id="2" , title ="c#" >
<chapter  id="1" />
<chapter  id="2" />
<chapter  id="3" />
  <Subject   id="3" , title ="UML"/>

Then we have in ou our listview colomun : class , subject , chapter , then value of attributes in rows and i want to select some rows and write them in xml file ? It's possible ? if yes How ?

Am beginner ... small one :(

You should use the System.Xml.Serialization namespace to serialize and deserialize your listview object. See MSDN[^] for more information.

using System.Xml.Serialization;

/// assuming  myListView is your listview object 

public void SaveToXml(string myXmlFilePath){

       XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(ListViewItemCollection));

       using (FileStream stream = File.OpenWrite(myXmlFilePath)){
       serializer.Serialize(stream, myListView.Items);}

public void LoadFromXML(string myXmlFilePath){
              if (File.Exists( myXmlFilePath))
                             XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(ListViewItemCollection));
                              using (FileStream stream = File.OpenRead( myXmlFilePath))
                                     myListView.Items = (ListViewItemCollection)serializer.Deserialize(stream);
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Member 11192477 30-Oct-14 11:20am     CRLF
Thank'u am using it , but I have an error with ListViewItemCollection . I dont know why , but it's tell me that type or name space 'ListViewItemCollection' is not found , a using directive or reference needed ?
Member 14196931 5-Aug-20 4:53am     CRLF
var lst =(ListViewItemCollection)serializer.Deserialize(stream); myListView.Items.AddRange(lst);
Of course it is possible and not too difficult to achieve either.

// You need to loop through the rows in the ListView, e.g. ListView lv.
foreach (ListViewItem item in lv.Items) 
// Use lv.SelectedItems if you only want to save a few items
    foreach (SubListViewItem subItem in item.SubItems)
        // Create an XElement for each sub item.
// Save the data to file

I recommend to use XDocument and XElement.
Here is a link to MSDN for further help: XDocument Class Overview[^]
There are some pretty good examples there.

A little example to help you along
// Initialize a listview with 3 columns with data
ListViewItem row1 = listView1.Items.Add("Row1");

ListViewItem row2 = listView1.Items.Add("Row2");

ListViewItem row3 = listView1.Items.Add("Row3");

ListViewItem row4 = listView1.Items.Add("Row4");

XElement xeRoot = new XElement("Root");
foreach (ListViewItem item in listView1.SelectedItems)
    XElement xeRow = new XElement(item.Text);
    foreach (ListViewItem.ListViewSubItem subItem in item.SubItems)
        XElement xeCol = new XElement(subItem.Text);
        // To add attributes use XAttributes

// I leave the saving to file to you
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Member 11192477 30-Oct-14 11:26am     CRLF
It's not easy too for a starter :( Yes i want to save only a few items , how i can use ls.selecteditems ? thanks for link , i will see it Now , hope that i find an exp
Member 11192477 30-Oct-14 11:40am     CRLF
in the exp , we create a XElement for each xml node , Maybe my question is stupide but i don't have choose :D : in listView , how we can know how many rows/items will be selected ? and we can't create an Xelement for every node and attribute selected ... it's not clear for me :(
George Jonsson 30-Oct-14 11:55am    
See my updated example

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