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I have a desktop application it uses web-services to communicate with the databases. It was running fine but suddenly after a couple of restarts on the server end the application is unable to connect to the web-services. now it shows the following error in the debugging mode "The type initializer for 'System.ServiceModel.Diagnostics.TraceUtility' threw an exception."

The same application is installed on around 20 PC's however it is still running on 13 while giving an error on the remaining ones.
BillWoodruff 1-Nov-14 2:59am
Is there any difference you can identify between the seven machines where there's no problem, and the others that have a problem ?
Hassan(Aych Jay) 1-Nov-14 3:05am
No difference at all. All the machines are identical in terms of operating systems and specs.
DamithSL 1-Nov-14 3:21am
what is the inner exception?
Hassan(Aych Jay) 1-Nov-14 3:39am
{"Configuration system failed to initialize"}
Hassan(Aych Jay) 1-Nov-14 4:32am
Thanks for your response. I have compared my app.config file with the solution you provided, and they are in the same order as the solution suggested.
dimpledevani 6-Nov-14 9:01am
try to hit your webservice url in browser and check if any firewall issues
Hassan(Aych Jay) 11-Nov-14 4:46am
the webservice url returns the service page with all the coded functions.
Member 10402349 12-Feb-15 19:38pm
Did this ever get resolved? If so, what was the resolution? I am having a similar issue trying to call a web service from a batch server. I have reviewed the configs and they are fine. Hoping you found a solution...
Hassan(Aych Jay) 2-Apr-15 8:56am
I recreated the project and built the solution. It worked like a charm . Still unable to know the exact reason.

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