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I have a div. It has a table. It has input elements inside the table.
How should i write the code so that i get the elements name and id of all the elements using jQuery .each function. As i am cloning all the div element these are required to modify the cloned element randomly.

structure is like

text field
select field
text field
text fieldselect field


Try this ... might give bit idea..

$('div table tbody tr').each(function(){
console.log($(this).find('input[type=text], select ').attr('id'));
console.log($(this).find('input[type=text], select ').attr('name'));
Try this:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src=""></script>


    var elementids = [];
    var elementnames = [];
    $('#div1 :input').each(function() {

    alert("By ids => " + elementids.join(','));
    alert("By names => " + elementnames.join(','));


<div id="div1">
   <input type="text" id="text-id" name="text-name"> <br/>
   <input type="radio" id="radio-id" name="radio-name">Radio
   <input type="checkbox" id="checkbox-id" name="checkbox-name">Checkbox <br/>

<button id="btn" type="button">Click Me</button>

Richard Deeming 5-Nov-14 12:11pm
The input selector won't find select or textarea elements. Try the :input selector[^] instead.

$('#div1 :input').each(...
Peter Leow 5-Nov-14 19:48pm
Thank you, Richard. Yes, should be':input' which will include button and select elements. Amended the solution. Virtual 5!.

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