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Hi All,

How to use XML Parsing in ASP.Net using web service. Can anyone tell and give sample?

You can do this a number of ways.

Using XmlDocument and XmlNode etc.[^]

Using Xml Linq....e.g.

XDocument posLog = XDocument.Load(posLogPath);
XNamespace ns = "";

// Query the data and write out a subset of contacts
var transactions = from transaction in posLog.Descendants(ns + "Transaction")
where transaction.Descendants(ns + "SomeRequiredCriteria").Any()

Try google, there are lots of examples of both techniques
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Oshtri Deka 18-May-12 3:36am    
Good answer. 5.
XML parsing is performed the ame way, regardless of the platform ( app, web service, windows service, winforms app, etc). I would use Xml.Linq personally because those classes are easier to deal with than the legacy .Net classes.

Parsing XML is too big of a topic to discuss in its entirety in Quick Answers. Google is your friend.
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Oshtri Deka 18-May-12 3:36am    
Excellent answer.

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