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Ok I am totally renewing the question and also changed my mind on how I want it to be.

Is there any way that I can create a panel with two different type of labels is it and when I drag a label from the panel it will create a dragable label on the form? So that I can create as many labels as I want to by dragging it on the form. Even just one type of label.

Any ideas will be appreciated.

Thank you,
Updated 27-May-10 2:23am

there are definitely ways to do it, but all are going to be pretty complicated.

Ideally, you would want the user to draw a Rectangle on the form, select all of the labels within that and then allow them to move it around.

First, you'd have to set up the Rectangle drawing. There are plenty of samples that show how to do that and how to show it on a form.

Then when the user relases the mouse, you would have to use that rectangle to select the elements. You would have to decide whether the whole element has to be within the rectangle, or just part of it.

Also, after the user draws the rectangle, you could draw the icon with the four arrows on it in the top-left corner, or somewhere else or just allow the user to click somewhere within the rectangle. Then, you could change the cursor and start the move process.

It would take some time to program, but its defintiely possible.
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What exactly are you having trouble with? If you want to know how to select all Labels that are direct children of the current Form and then add an event handler to them, that would go something like this:
foreach (Control c in this.Controls)
    Label lbl = c as Label;
    if (lbl != null)
        lbl.Click += new EventHandler(delegate(object sender, EventArgs e)
            MessageBox.Show("A label was clicked.");
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Yes, you can. You can detect the mouse click/move on the original label and initiate a drag then detect drops. As far as "two different types of labels", I am guessing you only want to be able to drag one kind and then drop the other kind. You could derive a new class from Label (perhaps calling it "SpecialLabel"). Or, you could add information to the Label.Tag property to indicate what type of label it is.
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From your revised description it sounds as though you want to implement a mini forms designer.

If that is correct, then take a look at Crafting a C# Forms Editor from scratch[^] from here on Code Project.

If I am wrong, then please ignore this post. :-D
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