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I am using the SerialDataReceivedEventHandler in a comms class to receive data. I am polling data approx, once every 1.5 secs with a call from a timer on my form. I have a system timer to test for any timeouts if a reply is not received within 1 sec - time to transmit and receive data is 200 ms max.

Every so often I get a timeout. I have snooped the data between the 2 devices and used a port monitor - the delay is in the C# program and it is taking approx 3 seconds to see all the returned data!

Any ideas? Could I try a 'lock' around the send receive?

1 solution

You'd only need a lock if you have multiple people trying to communicate with the SerialPort object. If you do, I would recommend locking it because I doubt your communications would allow for an interruption.

I'm not 100% clear on your explaination of the system setup, but the issue may be on your polling side. If you just so happen to have data sent JUST after a poll, you'll potentially hit your timeout. I'd see if increasing your polling rate changes your system's behavior.

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