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I am using SqlBulkCopy to insert my DataTable data into a sql table. I am sorting the data in my c# Datatable in desired manner and inserting them. But when using BulkCopy it is not inserting in sequential manner. Please advice me how to insert the records in sequential manner using SqlBulkCopy

SqlBulkCopy bcp = new SqlBulkCopy(SqlConnectionString);
              bcp.ColumnMappings.Add("LineUp", "LineupID");
              bcp.ColumnMappings.Add("ChannelName", "ChannelName");
              bcp.ColumnMappings.Add("ChannelNumber", "ChannelID");
              bcp.ColumnMappings.Add("ItemID", "ItemID");
              bcp.ColumnMappings.Add("CLUIId", "CLUIId");
              bcp.DestinationTableName = "_ChannelLineUp";

In the above code I do not have any identity column which is mapped to the table. please review code and suggest me the required changes.

Jagan Atmakuri
Updated 12-Nov-14 3:35am
PIEBALDconsult 12-Nov-14 9:45am
The order of records in a database is not important. Not worth the effort.

1 solution

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Solution 1

You can not do sorting on bulk copy command, What you can do is that copy the data into a temp table and sort that and then insert.

One question is that why you want to sort your data while inserting into a table it adds an extra execution cost , you can sort the data while reading it from the table.

Or other way is to create clustered index on table for the key columns you want to be sorted.
jing567 12-Nov-14 9:51am
My problem is that to insert records in a desired sequential order and that sequence is customized via c# code... So i want to insert that sequence into sql table... So any idea about that how to insert in same order?
Maciej Los 12-Nov-14 11:05am
What kind of sequence? Maybe it's possible to achieve that via SQL...
Shweta N Mishra 12-Nov-14 9:59am
Can you sent the customized sequence to the stored procedure as a parameter and use that inside your SP after bulk copy.
jing567 13-Nov-14 4:15am
Hi Shwetha I placed a Sort column in the Database table and tried to order by on that column which solved my problem. Thanks for the solution.
Shweta N Mishra 12-Nov-14 10:07am

They all need to have the Clustered Index created on your table in same order of sorting.

So the only way for you to have the order by column sent as parameter to the SQL and then sort it after bulk insert.

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