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I have one stored procedure, and I want to check condition that If value =1 then only my condition should check othervise condition not check.
Mitesh Prajapati14 13-Nov-14 1:43am    
Can you post your stored procedure here? so we can give you best solution
virel rakholiya 13-Nov-14 1:51am     CRLF
select F.IsNFO,* from FAInvStatic f inner join SCHEME_DETAILS sd on f.SchCode = sd.SCHEMECODE --and case when fis.IsNFO =1 then DATEADD(DD,5,SD.NFO_CLOSE) >= GETDATE() end if F.isnfo=1 then only condition check else no condition check
Mitesh Prajapati14 13-Nov-14 2:06am     CRLF
As per your stored procedure, you can define like this: DECLARE @isInfo INT SELECT @isInfo = f.IsNFO FROM FAInvStatic Where <<your where condition>> IF ISNULL(@isInfo, 0) = 1 BEGIN <<your condition here>> END ELSE BEGIN <<your condition here>> END
virel rakholiya 13-Nov-14 2:28am    

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