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I have this code:

And I get this error:
Invalid escape sequence in ^[SFTG]\d{7}[A-Z]$

How can I solve this error?
Updated 12-Dec-14 4:13am

The string containing you regular expression has a backslash in it:

Pattern .compile("^[SFTG]\d{7}[A-Z]$");

It should look like this instead:

Pattern .compile("^[SFTG]\\d{7}[A-Z]$");
//                       ^^-------------- Double backslash needed here because backslash is an escape character in strings.

See also here:[^]


Maciej Los 17-Nov-14 13:41pm
And what does your answer differs from mine, Manfred?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 17-Nov-14 15:22pm
I didn't read your solution, sorry!
Maciej Los 17-Nov-14 16:00pm
Not to worry ;)
+5! for direct instructions...

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