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I have some logic running within a a Property. However, when attempting to use MessageBoxResult to find user's response (Yes or No) and based on that I would run the logic that will set the Property or quit/return, the set accessor is always called a second time.

In the example below, the issue happens only when the user clicks No:

private SomeType _SelectedItem;
public SomeType  SelectedItem
    get { return _SelectedItem; }
        if (_SelectedItem != value)
            var result = MessageBox.Show("Confirm your selection", "Confirm", MessageBoxButton.YesNo);
            if (result == MessageBoxResult.Yes)
                _SelectedItem = value;
Updated 17-Nov-14 10:19am
Maciej Los 17-Nov-14 13:48pm     CRLF
Why do you use var result instead of MessageBoxResult result =? if (result == MessageBoxResult.Yes) { _SelectedConfig = value; RaisePropertyChanged(); }
BeeDev 17-Nov-14 15:34pm    
To keep it short that is all.
Maciej Los 17-Nov-14 15:59pm    
So... Quickly, quickly... accept my answer ;)

1 solution

Please, see my comment to the question.

There is no strange MessageBox behaviour. It's totally unrelated to MessageBox.

Inside a setter RaisePropertyChanged is called no matter of MessageBox result. To correct it you need to add '{' and '}', because only one line of statement is executed after if condition.

See: if-else (C# reference)[^]
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BeeDev 17-Nov-14 15:55pm     CRLF
Could you please clarify a little bit more; add the {brackets} around what? The only thing I did is moving RaisePropertyChanged outside the brackets since you said it is called no matter what; however, that didn't change anything, "Set" still being hit 2 times. if (result == MessageBoxResult.Yes) { _SelectedConfig = value; } RaisePropertyChanged();
Maciej Los 17-Nov-14 16:11pm    
Please, be more attentive. The second bracket should be after this line: RaisePropertyChanged() } <--here ;)
BeeDev 17-Nov-14 16:23pm     CRLF
You make me feel pretty dumb :) Here is what I have; however, the issue still there. if (result == MessageBoxResult.Yes) { _SelectedItem = value; RaisePropertyChanged(); }
BeeDev 17-Nov-14 16:58pm    
I ended up handling the logic in Code Behind any way since it is UI related.

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