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I have two DataTables like

IDPart1    IDPart2    Type

IDPart1    IDPart2    Range

Now I need my main datatable to be :-
IDPart1    IDPart2    Range   Type

Here IDPart1 and IDPart2 are common columns for both datatable. Now for ID 1-A, i have 2 records in DataTable1 and 3 records in DataTable2.
I want my DataTable to have 3 records with type column from DataTable1 to have an empty string due to lesser records in DataTable1.

Note: There might be a case when I have lesser records in DataTable2 and more records in DataTable1 for a ID combination.

Is there any way in LINQ or any other way to achieve this.
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 18-Nov-14 5:19am
What connect Type1 to 1-A-100 and not to 1-A-300?
Member 11242821 18-Nov-14 8:01am
There is nothing which connects Type and Range columns. They are totally independent of each other.
If I use a left join on IDPart1 and IDPart2 between two datatables, it results in a kind of cross join i.e. gives me every type of DataTable1 with every range of DataTable2.

1 solution


Please try this.
List<table1> lstt1 = new List<table1>();
lstt1.Add(new Table1() { IDPart1 = "1A", Type = "T1" });
lstt1.Add(new Table1() { IDPart1 = "1A", Type = "T2" });

List<table2> lstt2 = new List<table2>();
lstt2.Add(new Table2() { IDPart1 = "1A", Range = 100 });
lstt2.Add(new Table2() { IDPart1 = "1A", Range = 200 });
lstt2.Add(new Table2() { IDPart1 = "1A", Range = 300 });

 var items = from itm1 in lstt1
             join itm2 in lstt2 on itm1.IDPart1 equals itm2.IDPart1
             into grouping
             from itm2 in grouping.DefaultIfEmpty(new Table2())
             select new { itm1.IDPart1, itm1.Type, itm2.Range };
Member 11242821 18-Nov-14 6:53am
What is Table2() here?
X Vinoth Arun Raj 25-Nov-14 2:06am
table2() is class or entity

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