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Trying to install Visual studio 2012 on XP. However it's failing me.

Can you please let me know work around to install VS 2012 on XP. I do have 2010 Key with me will it works?

Also I am trying to locate VS 2010 free full version on net. Can any one put the site information which will have VS2010 Full version.

Richard MacCutchan 18-Nov-14 9:10am
However it's failing me.
Please do not expect people to guess what that means; provide proper details of your problem including the exact text of any error messages.

1 solution

Searching for cracks, illegal methods of using a software is not good and shouldn't help you a bit on CodeProject, or any other forum. We're all here programmers and we know the pain of developing a good software; so even if we knew we wouldn't share any method to help you not pay the developer.

Somehow, talking about free? Why not install the Visual Studio Express edition? It is for free and you can develop basic softwares in Visual C#, Visual Basic, websites and web applications in it.

Download overview for Visual Studio[^]. Download and install this free edition, its legal and free; both in one time.

Last thing, I don't have any information on installing Visual Studio on XP and I believe there won't be any problem with it at all, this issue might be a framework issue or something like that. You should post it on their forum not here.
No, VS 2012 should not run on XP due to the prerequisites, .NET version. The latest version supporting XP is v.4.0.
Express version should not make any difference. The problem is XP.
Please see:
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 18-Nov-14 10:22am
I agree, and I have also mentioned the framework problem in my answer, saying this issue might be a framework issue. And the Express version was for the problem of "using Visual Studio for free", that is why I told him to download and use that one since this is the legal way of doing this, instead of downloading a crack and so on.
sris 426 20-Nov-14 2:38am
The link you gave its working fine. But its VS 2010 and MVC 2 only. I am looking for MVC5 ateleast MVC4. Is there any possibility to install patch of MVC4 & above upon VS2010?
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 20-Nov-14 3:35am
That is because he gave you a version that would work for XP. To get the lastest, try upgrading your OS also.
sris 426 20-Nov-14 4:00am
No Ahmad,What I learnt from my friends is patch will be available to install MVC later versions.
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 20-Nov-14 4:29am
Well you can do anything, if you've got a good executable and a library. But I have already mentioned in the answer, that my programming career started from Windows 7 so I cannot guide you into any errors.

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