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my question is raised to the people who have worked in Access Programing and moved then to .Net FrameWork(C# visual Studio)

if we have an application that needs insert update and delete operations
what will the advantages that it have if we deploy it in Vs Access
or there is no difference ?
i think the speed is the difference
so what are advantages vs Access ?
DamithSL 20-Nov-14 3:24am
Short answer is "It Depends"
You are comparing two different things (desktop database tool vs framework and the set of tools)
According to your experience what is good for your application?
have you done same testing on performance on both types of applications?
oula alsheikh 20-Nov-14 4:42am
iam working in a company that depends on access program
and now we want to deploy this program in
i have not done testing so before testing i want your experience
because i want to convince them by .net i think it is quicker?

Note that I do not use MS Access myself, and my only experience with it was doing some interop with Excel many years ago.

In terms of deployment: MS does provide free MS Access run-time for use (no purchase required): ^], [^].

In terms of speed: depends on the structure of the database, the use-cases, etc.

I suggest you read this comparison of Access and SQL: [^].
oula alsheikh 24-Nov-14 2:31am
i want to concentrate on speed and reliability can you help me please
according to many essays access cant handle more than 10 users and it has a big probability to be in a database crash and network bottleneck
The major difference is that if you deploy an Access based solution, then the user has to have Access installed on his computer in order to use it. This may well not be the case, and can be expensive for the user to fix...
A C# / .NET solution on the other hand should include all the relevant files in the installation package, and so shouldn't rely on the user having software previously installed.
BillWoodruff 20-Nov-14 7:37am
While I wouldn't go anywhere near MS Access, meselves, I am aware that the Access Runtime is free, and available, and does allow CRUD.

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