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Hi, I am do one windows application project ( and back end is Sql server.
In that database I write tables and storedprocedures.
My problem is when I run this project in another system. (in my system its work fine) And another system not contain sqlserver.
We must install Sql Server to run the application?
Or any solution is there to not install Sqlserver? And also tell the deployment process of
Please give a solution.
Updated 29-May-10 23:44pm

ajay.raju531 wrote:
we must install sqlserver to run the application ?

No! not required.

ajay.raju531 wrote:
any solution is there to not install sqlserver?

Yes. just use the correct connection string. By that i mean, connect to the machine on which you have a database (and thus SQL server installed)

ajay.raju531 wrote:
tell the deployment procees of

You don't need to deploy it. Maximum, you can ask for the database connection string in your setup from the user. Google that out, its a common thing.
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Answer #1 is correct, check your connection string. Does it have the real server name? is the ports open that need to be? after those items you should have access to it.
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Johnny J. 3-Jun-10 6:18am    
Just a recommendation for the future: You shouldn't use wording like "Answer #1" in your own answer, because the order (and thereby the numbering) of the answers can change when people vote on the answers...
Donsw 3-Jun-10 6:41am    
thanks I didn't know that.
To deploy an ASP.Net application, have a look here.
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Johnny J. 3-Jun-10 4:36am    
Reason for my vote of 1
The OP clearly states that it is a Windows application - not a web application

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