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problem: Converting rows into column
Explanation: I have table which is returning two values(it will always return 2). e.g values are developer_1, developer_2.

Query is: Select ajxDevlopers From tblDeveloper Where DevId = 5 And CurrntProject = 3 AND Active = 1
it will return 2 records always.
Output: ajxDevloper

desired output:
firstDev SecondDev
developer_1 developer_2

my efforts: i tried pivot-unpivot but no luck. i tried everything i know about sql.
please help
King Fisher 25-Nov-14 8:05am
Can you show with Sample Records to try
Magic Wonder 25-Nov-14 8:05am
kindly provide complete table structure to help you.
Shweta N Mishra 25-Nov-14 8:05am
what does Pivot results to you ?
DipAnikap 25-Nov-14 8:11am
devID ajxDeveloper
426189 35
426191 25

now i want this

FirstDev SecondDev
35 25

DipAnikap 25-Nov-14 8:12am
i am not able to figure this out :(
King Fisher 25-Nov-14 8:24am
from you Sample Table :

create table #tbl_test(devID bigint,ajxDeveloper nvarchar(max))
insert into #tbl_test values(426189,'35')
insert into #tbl_test values(426191,'25')

select [426189] as FirstDev ,[426191] as SecondDev from(
select devId,ajxDeveloper from #tbl_test) up pivot (max(ajxDeveloper) for devId in ([426189],[426191])) as pvt
DipAnikap 25-Nov-14 8:28am
Thanks .
Yes, this is a feasible one but in that case [426189],[426191 values are fixed, my records are fixed to 2 but values can be vary.
if now its [426189],[426191 it can [426192],[4261101] in some case.
Is it possible?
King Fisher 25-Nov-14 8:31am
yes it is Possible
King Fisher 25-Nov-14 8:32am
try to use Row_number() for that two rows and pivot that by [1],[2].try it.i gotta go
DipAnikap 25-Nov-14 8:33am
Okay thanks
King Fisher 25-Nov-14 10:43am
you got that ?
DipAnikap 25-Nov-14 23:49pm
Not yet, sorry for my bad sql.
new to it :(

1 solution

Abhinav S 25-Nov-14 22:37pm
King Fisher 25-Nov-14 23:10pm
good Links 5+ :)
DipAnikap 26-Nov-14 0:40am
not able to implement what i want :(
DipAnikap 26-Nov-14 1:04am
Its working, but one thing
devID ajxDeveloper
426189 35
426191 25

now output is
426189 426191
35 25
My question is : can i put alias in place of 426189, 426191 ?
Maciej Los 26-Nov-14 1:41am
Thank you, Abhinav ;)
Maciej Los 26-Nov-14 1:44am
What exactly? It's impossible to get FirstDeveloper, SecodDeveloper, etc.

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