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i wish to make a capture using RegEx
following pattern:
string pattern = @"/[a-z]{2}/products/\d{4}/\(?<fileName>[abc])\.aspx";

string inputString = longString(around 3000 characters);

but i need to utilise this capture to pass into a constructor
Object obj = new Obj(capture)

in order to load the object and retrieve a property (guid) of that object, obviously this guid will be different for every match.

i need to do this for every match on the regEx pattern, and then replace input string with
"info.aspx?number" + guid;

and then return the input string with all replacements done.
Updated 25-Nov-14 5:00am

1 solution

Regex.Replace has an overload that takes a match evaluator method:
string output = Regex.Replace(input, pattern, ReplaceMethod);

private string ReplaceMethod(Match m)
    MyObject obj = new MyObject(m.Value);
    return "info.aspx?number" + obj.Guid.ToString();
Grant Weatherston 25-Nov-14 11:58am
thanks alot, don't know how i'm going to pass the language into the delegate though :/
OriginalGriff 25-Nov-14 12:09pm
No, a MatchEvaluator method can only take one parameter - but surely it can pick up the language from the class? It can't change between matches in the same input string, can it?

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