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I have more than 100 Clients .
1) Each clients are behind router. (mean external IP always change)
2) Each Clients have its own local DB SQL.
3) Each Clients using Windows Application c#.
4) Each clients have not install IIS.
5) Each Clients will have internet Connection.

My Server is Web application(ASP.Net) and on open network and have Static IP.

There is no LAN networking between Clients And Server.they are independent on each other.

on Base of above Description about Client-Server Model ,i am going make Full Duplex Communication Between Clients And Server.mean i want Clients can get data from Server and Server also can get Data From Clients .both can Send/Receive Data from each other.

I've R&D on this situation. I find out that Its possible to make a full duplex Communication between Server And Clients.

I post My Question For help me do this job .i am getting issue Because i am poor in networking Programming like socket, SingalR ,Web-socket , UPNP,TCP/IP ,UDP,NAT traversing etc. But i have Trying to implement TCP/IP ,Socket,UDP,NAT traversing , Port Forwarding .But I find other that on basis above description i reached that I cant done my job using (TCP/IP ,Socket,UDP,NAT traversing , Port Forwarding) .

I Find out if Server is Web sockets. The latest C#, .NET, and Asp.NET support the Web Socket standards. It basically gives full duplex communication capabilities between a client and web server.
But My Clients using Desktop Application and Server Usig a Web Application and on Clients there is no IIS.

if i use web-socket on server side then i want some one please Help me with example of code or sample(no chat sample please) in which the clients needs to connect to the server first,need initiate the connection first.and server response back to client like "hello clients your ip is this and i am server".

If you can help me then please following thing must tell me.

1 Window base client will how initiate connection with server web please write a line of code which will do this job.*its will use Server ip or what.* and this code will be run on clients PC or Server Side?.

2) also tell me that how server will detect Client if clients more than 3 and response back how?

Thanks you so much For read if still have any question to ask ,just ask me,if you'd like to help by using screen share or skype or any easy way its will be more pleasure for me.

(if possible, you will have time i would like to test my solution with each other pc .i will make my pc Server.will give you my external IP and this way i would like to test. ) Not mandatory .

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