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i have a table that has the following definition
column1 int
column2 nvarchar(50)
i know the table schema but i want to create this table in a database that idon't
know its name until execution
so i need a dynamic script to create a table in unknown database
can you help me?

iwant the solution in script in sql server and i want it dynamic
Updated 29-Nov-14 1:01am
Maciej Los 29-Nov-14 8:08am    
What you mean: "create a table in unknown database"?

Supposing SQL server, here you have the T-SQL syntax:[^]
Supposing you want to do it from c#, here you have some examples you can use:[^]

By the way, how do you think we can guess which RDBMS and language you intend to use?
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Create Procedure [dbo].[PrepareDataBase]
@DataBaseName sysname

--create table Relations Definition in specific database
Declare @createSql nvarchar(2000)
set @createSql='use' + QUOTENAME(@DataBaseName)

Set  @createSql = @createSql + ' Create Table Relations
	[Foreign_Table] [nvarchar](255) NULL,
	[Foreign_Key] [nvarchar](255) NULL,
	[Primary_Table] [nvarchar](255) NULL,
	[Primary_Key] [nvarchar](255) NULL
Exec (@createSql)

thanks for every one helped me
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