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I want to get the location of the visitor visiting my website.I am able to get his/her Ip address.
Please suggest me solution other than using API.
Sinisa Hajnal 3-Dec-14 9:07am
Why wouldn't you use APIs made for that? 3-Dec-14 9:10am
Because i tried a lot of them but only faced errors.If you have any particular which is functional please suggest, can't it be done without using ApI's?

1 solution

Comments 3-Dec-14 9:12am
Already tried the above link,its not working.
Praveen Kumar Upadhyay 3-Dec-14 9:23am

This is returning proper result. 3-Dec-14 9:39am
public void GetIP()
string Str = "";
Str = System.Net.Dns.GetHostName();
IPHostEntry ipEntry = System.Net.Dns.GetHostEntry(Str);
IPAddress[] addr = ipEntry.AddressList;
//return addr[addr.Length - 2].ToString();
GetLocation(addr[addr.Length - 2].ToString());

public DataTable GetLocation(string strIPAddress)
//Create a WebRequest with the current Ip
WebRequest _objWebRequest =
+ strIPAddress);
//Create a Web Proxy
WebProxy _objWebProxy =
new WebProxy(""
+ strIPAddress, true);

//Assign the proxy to the WebRequest
_objWebRequest.Proxy = _objWebProxy;

//Set the timeout in Seconds for the WebRequest
_objWebRequest.Timeout = 2000;

//Get the WebResponse
WebResponse _objWebResponse = _objWebRequest.GetResponse();//The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.
//Read the Response in a XMLTextReader
XmlTextReader _objXmlTextReader
= new XmlTextReader(_objWebResponse.GetResponseStream());

//Create a new DataSet
DataSet _objDataSet = new DataSet();
//Read the Response into the DataSet

return _objDataSet.Tables[0];
return null;
} 3-Dec-14 9:40am
i have marked the place where i am getting error.
//The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.
Praveen Kumar Upadhyay 3-Dec-14 12:22pm
The problem is with your HTTP Request

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