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VB.NET code that will count the time you've been online at a particular website
Is it possible?

I don't know where to start
ZurdoDev 4-Dec-14 7:39am    
Do you mean something that would be installed on a windows machine and monitor all browser activity?
Y625 4-Dec-14 7:50am    
yes, i was inspired by the android App - Checky that counts how many times you look at your phone
and now I want to make a version which can be use in PC

and right now i'm blank -_-
ZurdoDev 4-Dec-14 8:03am    
I am not familiar with how this works but I don't believe it is very trivial. I'd suggest researching how parental controls work because you'll likely need to do it similar to how they work.
Y625 4-Dec-14 9:36am    
Ok Sir, I'll definitely try that
thank you :)
Sinisa Hajnal 4-Dec-14 9:29am    
Also look into Windows OS hooks...

1 solution

OS hooks are not going to do it.

What you're describing is a proxy server. All requests go through the proxy and it can do whatever it wants with the URL requested, including count how many times it's visited.

A proxy is just about the only thing that's going to work with all browsers.

This is NOT a trivial thing to implement.
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