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hi . im developing an application in android .
this app connects to a web application and Returns data about some products ...
For some reasons i need to connect LocalHost(IIS) .
for this purpose I have to change LocalHost ip ( to ( !
But i dont know How !
I Use Windows8
Maciej Los 7-Dec-14 6:38am    
So, go to the network devices, choose your network card and change it... but i'm afraid, it won't help you, because internal (LAN) address is not the same as WAN IP address.
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 7-Dec-14 6:54am    
Use hosts file - map to
seyed mahmud shahrokni 7-Dec-14 7:31am    
would you change and copy that here ? i dont know how to change it
seyed mahmud shahrokni 7-Dec-14 7:46am    
Iv changed it but it doesnt work !

1 solution

You can't change local loopback from It is defined in the RFC[^], it is part of the standard.

I suppose, your "server" has DHCP. You simply need to have your original address AND your desired extra address ( You can switch to static ip on your interface, and add both addresses, like described here:[^].
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seyed mahmud shahrokni 7-Dec-14 12:45pm    
it doesnt let me to add new Ip Address . Add button is disable
Zoltán Zörgő 7-Dec-14 14:42pm    
Not with dhcp, you have to switch to stratic.
Or, you can add avirtual interface an enable routing

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