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In one is able to return an entire class and access the variables in the class from another class. I am having the most difficult time understanding how to accomplish this in C#.

in I can do somehting like this...

Function getFinal(ByVal dblONE, ByVal intTWO)

Dim report1 as New Class2_REPORT

report1.Summed_TOTAL = dblONE + intTWO

report1.Subtracted_TOTAL = dblONE - intTWO

Return report1

End Function

I am unable to do the same thing in C# since the function is expecting that I return something since I am calling this method from another class. But I cant return more than one value in C# so my understanding is that I need to return an "entire class". Any help is appreciated. I have been searching for a solution to this for a while and cannot find anything.

Actually you can return (a reference to) an entire object in C#, try:
class MyPoint
    public int x, y;
 class Program
     static public MyPoint getOrigin()
         MyPoint p = new MyPoint();
         p.x = p.y = 0;
         return p;
     static void Main(string[] args)
         MyPoint O=getOrigin();
         Console.WriteLine("O=({0},{1})", O.x, O.y);
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U can do the same thing in C#. Remember that in C# instances of a class are references.

class A{
    public static int a;
    public static double b;

    public A(){
    //constructor implementation

A myFunction(int parameter1, double parameter2){
    A result = new A();
    A.a = parameter1;
    A.b = parameter2;
    return A;

This function should return a reference to an instance of class A.

Hope this answers your question.
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