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Hello all,

This got me wasting a lot of time...

if I leave my program running without activating any breakpoint, the application I'm working in works more or less as I expect.

As it only works more or less as I expect, I'm trying to debug it by setting some breakpoints and try to follow what is happening under the hood.

The problem is that when I reach the breakpoint I can't continue, Visual Studio title bar states: PROJECT_NAME (Running) - Microsoft Visual Studio (Not Responding).

I can't stop the program neither the MVC unless I force it to shut down.

I have 2 GB of free memory when this happens... and it only happens after trying to examine code using breakpoints.

Of course I've got the debug mode selected.

And when this happens even I force MVC to close, the process of my project is still running... X|

Any hint?

As always thank you in advance. :thumbsup:
Updated 19-Apr-16 22:01pm
Philippe Mori 20-Apr-16 10:37am     CRLF
I don't know if it apply in your case but sometime, you could try to use an alternate debug engine or try to upgrade to latest version of Visual Studio (2015 update 2). I know that at some point there were problem in some case with the new managed debugger engine... You also need to figure out if the problem occurs in specific scenario like from a background thread. I don't know for native code. You can also report your problem to Microsoft. 2013/2015 has tools to send report for hang like that. Sometimes, they can figure out the problem with dumped information. But if the problem is reproductible and rebuilding the solution don't work, I would try to debug the application in latest version or with different debugging options (only a few options should have effect). You could also try to remove any watches, breakpoints and only add the initial breakpoint.

manually clean up the PCHs, the PDBs and the SDF files, then do a rebuild - i've seen VS do some bizarre things on big projects when these get bent
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Joan M 19-Dec-14 3:13am    
Manually clean those files should be understood as deleting them?
barneyman 19-Dec-14 5:49am    
Joan M 19-Dec-14 10:27am     CRLF
The same is happening aftr deleting those files... :( Thank you for posting!
barneyman 19-Dec-14 19:48pm     CRLF
sorry i didn't help
I've had the same issue here. Suddenly VS freezes during debugging and only a restart of VS did help until the next freeze. It was easy to reproduce the freeze by clicking some tabs in my app. Mr. Google showed me a site where the guys did a resetsettings of VS at the command line (devenv.exe /resetsettings).
After this I restarted VS and started to debug again. I clicked the same tabs as when it freezes and it stopped at a breakpoint enabled some days ago.
Obviously VS has got some problems with breakpoints and its' settings. Sometimes they get corrupted.
My solution now is:
- Save your favourite settings with Tools/Import and Export Settings/Export.
- When VS freezes do a Tools/Import and Export Settings/Reset all settings.
- Then do an import of your saved settings.

...I know the answer comes more than a year too late, but it might help others in future.
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