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How to remove last part of word form string in sql server.

For E.g this is string in one column "Viewer\DWG MPP msg EML\New folder\1343939490.pdf"
i need to get word upto "Viewer\DWG MPP msg EML\New folder" and omit\remove last part form this word "\1343939490.pdf" can use split.i mean need to remove last slash and file name(\1343939490.pdf)

Note :i am going to use this query in where condition as sub i don't want in store procedure and that slash("\") also increase or decrease i mean string sometime contains

Viewer\DWG MPP msg EML\1343939490.pdf
Viewer\DWG MPP msg EML\New folder\DWG MPP msg EML\New folder\1343939490.pdf

Updated 6-Jul-23 23:11pm

1 solution

SQL doesn't have a Split function (it has no concept of arrays, so it can't return a collection of values except as a table).

However, it does have a Reverse function:
SELECT LEFT(Location, LEN(Location) - CHARINDEX('\', REVERSE('\' + Location))) AS [Result] from MyTable

You can always create an SQL Function to do that if you want to be readable in queries.
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