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I am using tcp/ip programming code to send and receive data... I am able to send and receive data, but for every information i receive, client should send an acknowledgement response message,how can this be achieved, and could somebody share a sample code.... Do i need to use any functions like send(), and some other.
Updated 29-Dec-14 1:06am
Richard MacCutchan 29-Dec-14 7:10am    
An acknowledgement is just another message, so you should use send().
venkat28vk 29-Dec-14 7:45am    

I need to send a ack message to the server stating that i have received data and how to achieve this in the code....could you show me some sample...for better understanding if you want i can share my code
Richard MacCutchan 29-Dec-14 7:50am    
Sample of what? You already have all the code in your client and server. You just send a message from the client containing the acknowledgement details that you want.
venkat28vk 29-Dec-14 7:52am    
ok, is there any keyword or function for sending?
Richard MacCutchan 29-Dec-14 7:56am    
In your post above you state: "I am able to send and receive data".

If you already know how to do it, then what is the problem?

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