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I am working on authentication of user logging and i try to validate and verify all the details in the form.

I have use regex for validation of email address as regular expression but can also verify it from my application..???

If possible please send me the code or method to do so.

Thanks in Advance.
Updated 29-Dec-14 18:39pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Dec-14 0:45am    
Do you mean just validation of well-formed e-mail address string? (You cannot validate that the address is a really existing operational address.) But what's the problem? Just read the Regex documentation. What have you tried so far?

And how can it be related to WPF? You really need to embrace separation of concerns.

moin pathan 30-Dec-14 0:59am    
I have done the validation part using regex.But my problem is that is it possible to verify that the email address is exist or not or alive.??
User-8621695 30-Dec-14 1:08am    
Does it means that you want to check input email address exists in our database or not?
moin pathan 30-Dec-14 1:37am    
Not at Database...It exist on server or not..Means email address is exist.
for example if we write email address as "" then validation return true because it satisfy the regular expression but problem is that we will store all details in database and this email address is wrong mean it is not exist any where. So my memory is west.

moin pathan wrote:

I have done the validation part using regex. But my problem is that is it possible to verify that the email address is exist or not or alive??
No, this is impossible. Well, there is such thing as mail confirmation service, but this is nothing but automatic exchange of additional mails for the confirmation of delivery, most importantly, a mail agent is not obliged to comply with the request for confirmation. Some hosts will do it, some won't. Even it it was always done, it would not solve your problem as you expected.

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Well as per my understand, you have done the validation of an email address. Now you need to verify if an email address exists or not? Take a look at these:
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moin pathan 30-Dec-14 1:48am    
ridoy 30-Dec-14 1:49am    

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