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I want to build The Calendar with Date & time , Can You give me the code on the basis of Calendar & Date-Time Function for Current Time in J2SE5.

Updated 5-Jun-10 23:21pm
Henry Minute 5-Jun-10 17:51pm    
Reason for my vote of 1
It may be urgent to you but it isn't to me.
Kristian Sixhøj 5-Jun-10 18:10pm    
Reason for my vote of 1
Urgent, gimmecode...

Do some research on your own.

Deepak 6 wrote:

1. CAPS means shouting. Please dont use it next time.
2. Tone down yourself. Don't be so demanding. People here help in their free time, you need to keep patience.

Deepak 6 wrote:
Can You give me the code

Don't expect/ask for code directly until unless you have made/shown us your effort. People can suggest, direct you where to look at or move on - which should be enough to start work on

Deepak 6 wrote:
I want to build The Calendar with Date & time

Calendar is built on date and time! What do you want here? Are you trying to develop a Calendar control in Java? That's what you are looking at here? Does this[^] help you?
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See here[^] for some samples.
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