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hello everyone!
i want to know how to:
A. start a process on a remote machine directly without using a client app.
B. send WinAPI messages from the local workstation to the process i just on the remote pc
i know how to send messages to an app on the local machine but i don't know how to send a message to a remote machine(its on the same network) but there is a golden rule: there can't be a client app running on the remote machine(this due to the fact that i am trying to pull a prank on the user of the remote machine)
i think this would be implemented by UDP right?
i would like to do thin in C#.NET(version 4)
also i am a standard user, and i don't have any administrator privileges(this is on the local machine)
i the 2 solutions below i have been told that doing this without a client app running on the other pc is impossible. so how would i build an app that can revive windows messages and execute them on a remote machine?
thank you for your help in advance,
Updated 6-Jan-15 3:25am

Assuming you're not trying to write a virus...

What you're asking for is impossible without a receiver program on the remote machine. Nowhere does Windows automatically process sockets and execute them as a Windows API call. You'd need a program to receive the packets and them process commands in them to translate them into the appropriate calls.
MasterCodeon 5-Jan-15 19:29pm
no i am not trying to write a virus, i am trying to play a prank on someone(i am trying to make the other person think this is a virus, and freak out).
couldn't you use explorer.exe to execute commands?
You cannot do this. What you call the "golden rule" can be formulated like this: your "golden rule" is never true. :-)
Technically speaking, your supposedly innocent prank is no different from the worst really malicious trick. In other words, it you could trick some system users into having some software which would allow such attack as yours, it would be almost like kissing the affected system good bye.
By the way, if you wanted to initiate communication on your side, the software running on the client machine would have to be server, not client. Client is always active, and server (in narrow sense of this word) is always passive.
MasterCodeon 6-Jan-15 9:22am
ok then how would i do this with a client app running on the other machine?
and i promise this is just a prank.
But, just because there is no a technical difference, the remote computers won't allow you to play this prank. You would need to add a bit of social engineering to it. :-)
MasterCodeon 6-Jan-15 11:51am
i know how to do the social engineering part of the prank, i just don't know how to do the technical part of it.
1) You can launch a remote process using WMI, but it can NOT be an interactive process. This means that the user logged into the console will NOT see it running at all. For example, you can launch Notepad, but it'll sit there waiting for input it'll never get and the user will not see it.

2) It's impossible to remotely execute "window messages" without a client application listening for commands.

... oh, and you say that you don't have admin priv's? Well forget it all because you can't do anything on the remote machine without them.
Agree, 5ed.

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