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How can I count the quantity of an array? Please see example. It is easier for me to explain through an example.

$_SESSION['products'] = array('123', '123', '456', '456', '456', '789', '789', '789', '789');

Display should be:
Item | Qty.
123  | 2
456  | 3
789  | 4 
Updated 5-Jan-15 19:00pm
Mohibur Rashid 6-Jan-15 0:40am    
Well, my strategy is
1. Copy the first number
2. memorize the copied number and count as 1
3. Then read the next number
4. Check my memory. If I have ever read that number
if I have:
4i) I would increase the count by 1 And then move to step 3
else(I haven't read)
4ii) Copy the number and move to Step 2

by the way, In php it would be far more easier.

1 solution

I'll make it rather easy for you, a trick that works particularly well with php and the fact that your array has numerical values to count.

The counting:
$countedStuff = NULL;
foreach($your_array as $a)
  $countedStuff[$a] = (isset($countedStuff[$a]))?$countedStuff[$a]+1:1;

PHP doesn't require you create each member [index] of the array - so you only need to create those that match your value. New indices get set to 1; older indices increment.

In php, this can even be done with alphanumeric values as indices.

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