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I want the client to log on to the server site and download the updated exe file. i am doing in using visual basic.

Since exe file is the folder containing the published file, is it needed to download the folder completely, if so how is it possible??

or is there some other method.... ?

whether client should download and run the updated file or is there some method by which, just a click on the download button by the client will download and update the exe file??

how can we access a system in the internet? i mean just like ip address, what should we mention??

i am a very fresher to this web please explain this with code...

Thanks in advance...
Naja Jayasankar.

Create setup project and it will create setup.exe/.mvi files which client can download and install. Package will have all components needed for the app.
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Naja Jayasankar 10-Jun-10 5:22am    
Thank you sir,

but how to create setup project? i didn't understand, i am very new to this, so please make it clear...
Slava Khristich 10-Jun-10 15:31pm    
You can do ClickOnce or Create a new Setup project in Visual studio and add references to your project outputs to include into setup.exe
Naja Jayasankar 11-Jun-10 4:43am    
Thank You sir
Have a look at ClickOnce with ASP.Net as shown here[^].
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Naja Jayasankar 10-Jun-10 5:35am    
thank you sir...,
i will try this code?
whether there is any need to include any reference or assembly directive?
Naja Jayasankar 10-Jun-10 6:10am    
sorry sir, it creates many errors concerned to manifest etc....
looking forward for the reply
Abhinav S 10-Jun-10 7:25am    
The version of .Net that this was built in and the one that you use may be different. Hopefully though, you should get some ideas on how to solve your problem by going through your article.
Naja Jayasankar 11-Jun-10 4:43am    
Thank You sir

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