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I'm working with an inverter, which software (Sunny Explorer) plots "daily performance" of a PV-System installed in the building. Since the application is only able to export data with a resolution of 5 min (*.csv files), I require to get the data (numbers) from a live plot, so I can have more precise values (resolution of 1 minute or 1 second).

My question is:
is it possible to read/capture/get a value from a live plot shown in an application (Sunny Explorer.exe) with some code in Visual Basic? Maybe with a difference in time. For example: in minute 13:01 (1:01 p.m.) I "read" the already plotted value of 13:00 (1:00 p.m.) and send it to a server, website, etc.

I must mention the fact that my expertise is in Energy Systems, so, it would be perfect a solution/advice/tip "for Dummies"-type.

This is a purely application-specific thing. You are asking a solution related to a proprietary application, so try to ask customer service. If you cannot easily export plot data, this would be just a bad application. There is no a general solution good for any application, and cannot be. The whole idea is wrong.

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Please see my comment to the question. In general case, you cannot do such things to applications; the whole idea is wrong. Under the hood of this problem, there is a conceptual problem of how data should be treated.

The data should go to plots, not that data should be generated from a plot. For the system, this is not even an data, from the structural point of view, just some pixels which is hard to interpret as data (as function) and impossible to do so with 100% accuracy and reliability — a lot of critical information is simply lost when data is represented as the function plot on screen. This would be just wrong activity.

At the same time, the applications working with data are expected to export this data in some structured form, without loss of this information and without the loss of precision. If the application in not designed to do it in a reasonably good and usable form, this is a bad application. So, address to customer service, and, if you don't like the features, think about giving it up and finding something else.


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