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Hello !
i am facing a problem with my project which i developed in 2010 with back end SQL Server 2008. this application is running on a network. Database of SQL Server 2008 is deployed On a server system and more than 25 clients on this network access the database simultaneously.
although every thing is fine but the problem is that when a huge data is retrieved (more than 200 rows) to a datagridview then the speed is very slow.
can anyone help me for this ???
the following is the code which i use.
SQL_CONNECTION.ConnectionString = "Data Source =; Database=DBName; User ID=sa; Password=password; Connect Timeout=0"

MyQuery = "SELECT * From TableName"
MyCommand = New SqlCommand(MyQuery, SQL_CONNECTION)
                MyDataReader = MyCommand.ExecuteReader
                RowNo = 0
                GridName.RowCount = 0
                While MyDataReader.Read
                    GridName.Rows(RowNo).Cells(1).Value = MyDataReader!FieldName
               End While

Updated 10-Jan-15 3:00am

Don't read too much data at one time, read it in 'chunks' that display just the information that the user needs to see. You could also make use of a DataAdapter, and run the queries in the background to help reduce the visible delay.
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Further to Solution 1 which I was also going to suggest, you may find this CP article useful Top 10 steps to optimize data access in SQL Server: Part II (Re-factor TSQL and apply best practices)[^]
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