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in the website unwanted ads will appear in the website that disturbs the user's, i would like know is there any thing in the windows application to block unwanted ads in the website
Updated 11-Jan-15 19:17pm
This is unrelated to C#, unless you, say, write your own Web browser. Where do you want to block it? If this is the client side, this should be done in the browser (blocking on server side simply would not make any sense, it would be about not showing any ads). The real problem is: how would you tell ads from non-ad content? :-)
Srikanth59 12-Jan-15 1:18am
i would like block unwanted ads in the website using windows applications
In the website? Isn't that nonsense? In a Website, you would better not publish ads. :-)
deepakdynamite 12-Jan-15 7:52am
:D :D Can't stop laughing

Please see my comment to the question.

Strictly speaking, this is impossible just because there is no a clear criteria to tell ads from non-ad content. Let's imagine that you went so far to filter ad-like keyword, or even to perform semantic analysis of the content. But now, imagine the you see the article which discussed advertisement, even the ways of blocking the ads, with some sample. Your filter can block it as the ad. And, from the other hand, a real ads can mimic the style of such articles, to sneak through the filters. :-)

Install addblock in the browser.

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