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this is my consumer class
I cant know how can I stop a thread until a product will be produced?
(the sleep seems not work sometimes)
please suggest me a way other than the blocking queue interface and sleep method

package producerconsumer;

import java.util.Scanner;

public class Consumer implements Runnable {
    Thread t;
    String consumerName;

    public Consumer(String name) {
        t = new Thread(this, name);
    public  void run() {
        int m = Producer_consumer.n;
        try {
            if (m!=0) {           
                Thread.sleep(100); //??   
            while (true) {
                consumerName = Thread.currentThread().getName();
                Producer_consumer.form.setLable(Producer_consumer.n + "");
                m = Producer_consumer.n;


        } catch (InterruptedException ex) {


Updated 12-Jan-15 10:02am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 12-Jan-15 16:49pm    
Why that Sleep here? This is the sure sign of doing something very wrong. (If it's just for demo, it's fine.)
Analyze your code for possible race conditions.

1 solution

It looks like your problem is stopping a thread asynchronously, by the initiative of some other thread (only this situation usually causes difficulties).
The whole thing is a controversial topic I don't want to discuss here. I a few words, I dislike how it's done in Java. Most people stop thread in a collaborative way, by using some member (Boolean "flag") which can polled by a thread to be stopped and set by a separate thread. Also, Thread.interrupt can be used, with, but with certain "buts". This is pretty well described in this article:[^].

Note that the technique of "queued condition" is mentioned in relation to the producer-consumer patters and the use of blocking queue.

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