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How can I access a tablets folder to retrieve a picture?

For example:

say I have written an application for my website that allows me to enter data and also images. Now I am browsing on my website from my tablet and I want to take a picture with my tablet, but I want that picture to appear in my text area of the application? or at least have my application get the picture I just took from the folder on the tablet.

does anyone have any examples of this or any information on how I can accomplish this?

1 solution

OK , I think you need to retrieve an uploaded image , which is uploaded from your tablet m right ? , then you need to view it into a text area ?

if that is your question , I think you cannot show image into textbox , but you can show it into label.

If you need to know to to upload it into database then retrieve it , please check this link :[^]

and you can retrieve that image into a label by this code base on mentioned link.

If e.Row.RowType = DataControlRowType.DataRow Then
       Dim bytes As Byte() = TryCast(TryCast(e.Row.DataItem, DataRowView)("Content"), Byte())
       Dim base64String As String = Convert.ToBase64String(bytes, 0, bytes.Length)
  Labal1.text =  ""

   End If

Label code could not be set , please check below link , its an image[^]
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