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I have a parent gridview. In that, I have multiple nested gridviews. In each nested gridview I have column in which a header checkbox and child checkboxes are present. If I check one nested gridview's header checkbox and again checked another nested gridview's header checkbox then first gridview's checkboxes does not maintain its checked status. They become unchecked including header checkbox.

I am using the following code

<pre>$(document).ready(function () {

        $("#<%=grdParent.ClientID %>").each(function () {
            $(this).find(".grdchild > tbody > tr").each(function () {
                $(this).find('input:checkbox[id*="chkHeader"]').click(function () {
                    var isChecked = $(this).prop("checked");
                    $(this).closest("tr").find("[id*=chkChild]:checkbox").prop('checked', isChecked);
                    //$("[id*=chkChild]:checkbox").prop('checked', isChecked);
                //Do Stuff
Peter Leow 17-Jan-15 7:18am
Show the GridView code?
Debug and see what is exactly happening when you check one GridView's header checkbox.

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